Marketing communication is essentially problem solving, and that we at Nitro are particularly passionate about. Strategic focus and a surprising conceptual idea derived from it guide our creative, excellently produced multi-channel storytelling.

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01 Developing creative concepts

A creative concept is a way to communicate strategic solutions using marketing communication. It is the a red thread between different actions serving as a fuel for insightful marketing communication and creative storytelling. A good concept is simple, yet it works on a universal level adapting to many, even surprising, implementations. 

02 Multichannel implementation

Nitro's hybrid model automatically shifts all work towards multichannel implementation. We strongly focus on driving the customer towards a conversion in an interesting and efficient way. At best, marketing communication becomes a part of a high-quality customer experience. Channel and content strategies ensure that we communicate the right things at the right touch points cost-effectively and successfully. 

03 Productional excellence

Implementing storytelling into different platforms and touchpoints is ensured by Nitro’s excellent production expertise. Our high-level production ability is complemented by our own film production company Nitro Film, whose top-class sound, film and video design and 3D, AR, VR and VFX production bring the brand to life. 

04 Analytics and measuring

Continuous measurement, analysis and optimisation are a prerequisite for effective marketing communication. Nitro's insight team gathers and analyses data on an on-going basis to support this work. It is important to have close cooperation with the client and a data-based understanding about the current customer experience in different business areas. We also observe changes in the business, competitors’ actions and other external factors. et.