Brand and strategy

For Nitro, the brand is sacred. This mindset combined with a solid strategic thinking and thorough understanding of the client’s business grands us the opportunity to build truly meaningful brands. Furthermore, it creates the opportunity to do effective marketing communication with actual, proven results.

  • Purpose
  • Insight
  • Top of mind
  • Market
  • Business
  • Differentiation
  • Vision
  • Brand personality
  • Brand identity
  • Customer experience
  • Brand experience
  • Storytelling
  • Positioning
  • Awareness

01 Brand understanding

Understanding the brand’s strengths and weaknesses creates the basis for a unique brand position. The brand strategy, market situation and target groups are a starting point for building a brand that is relevant and differentiating. That’s the key to building brands that actually matter. Brands you care about and want to spend time with. 

02 Strategic capability

Strategic thinking is a state of mind in Nitro. Our creative process is anchored to the client’s business strategy and objectives. Current state analysis, customer understanding and a clear vision are crucial when defining the future steps for the business. Nitro’s Insight team gathers and analyses data to support this work. 

03 Building brand foundation

A solid foundation is the brand’s base from which to strive towards its goals. We help the client to define the brand core, crystallize the values, articulate the mission and clarify the vision. Encapsulating them intelligibly guarantees that every future action takes the brand to the desired direction. 

04 Defining identity

Each brand has its own voice and unique appearance. We create a visual look and tone of voice that emanates from the brand’s core and personality and appeals to the audience. A well-constructed identity stands out, lasts time and feels unique in all touch points.