Strong coffee for strong people

How did the number one Swedish dark coffee brand find its way to Finnish coffee tables? More than 80% of the Finnish coffee market is dominated by two large brands. The coffee market is not growing; the challenger needs growth in sales to get more space on the shelves. Swedish Löfbergs wanted to challenge Finland's established coffee market and get Finns to pour stronger, darker coffee into their cups. The brand came on this side of Gulf of Bothnia. Together we created a concept that was purely designed for the Finnish market, for the Finnish audience.

  • Concept and campaign design 

  • Multichannel campaign implementation 

  • Social media channels 

  • Online service content 

  • Media planning 

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A Finn deserves good coffee

We Finns are known for our dark character, unyielding mentality and “sisu”. Coffee – it is sacred to us. Considering all this, we Finns drink surprisingly light coffee. 

According to Löfbergs, Finns deserve coffee worthy of them – something dark and strong, more suitable for the dark landscape of the Finnish soul. Such as Löfbergs. A strong nation deserves strong coffee. 



Market share growth

Relative growth in a market that is not growing.


Sales growth

The goal was 20%, which was clearly exceeded.


Increase in buying preference

The goal was 10%

Find your strength

The concept tagline ‘strong coffee for strong people’ was dramatised in multiple channels. We prompted consumers to find their strength in various touch points. 

The "Strong coffee for strong people" campaign was included on the Effie Awards Finland 2021 shortlist in the Trade & Consumers category. The campaign was selected as Aikakausmedia’s campaign of the year in the Edit competition in March 2022. 


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Sami Puutio

Sami Puutio

Vice President