How we bring an unknown energy company to top five?

Two small energy companies, Lumme Energy and Loiste Electricity Sales, merged into one Lumme Energy. An unknown underdog set out to challenge the market's biggest competitors, Fortum, Helen and Vattenfall with large media budgets, with multi-channel brand marketing. The cooperation between Lumme Energy and Nitro started with the renewal of the brand and launching it to the general public. The goal was to make the brand known and liked in a category that is basically boring.

  • Brand story and marketing concept 

  • A new look with fascinating pictures, videos and songs 

  • Tone of voice 

  • Concept and campaign planning 

  • Implementation and production of multi-channel campaigns (some, display, OOH, DOOH, radio, linear television, print) 

Brand and strategyMarcom

Resposible and quite irresistible

Nitro created the brand's identity, story, marketing communication concept, multi-channel creative contents and brand marketing plan. The brand was attached in a non-advertising way to responsibility and new perspectives - the ability to see differently. What if you thought about things in a new way? -question became a central element of storytelling, repeating itself in a multi-channel entity. 



Spontaneous recognition

Increase from spring 2021 to spring 2022


Electricity contracts made online

Increase from 2020 to 2022


Organic brand searches

Increase from 2020 to 2022

Brand story

As a result of the irresistible cooperation, a brand story, a new look and tone of voice, and a whole slew of marketing communication implementations have been created. 


Everything from strategical know-how to implementations 

Nitro hybrid agency combines an extremely strong business-oriented strategy and concept expertise with a top-quality productional capability, regardless of the channel.   

Versatile hybrid experts 

We are experts of strategical brand work, creative storytelling, digital design and multi-channel marketing communication, not forgetting our excellent technology and production abilities.   

A reliable and committed partner 

According to our clients, our commitment, our good price-quality ratio and our market-leading project management skills set us apart from the competition. Well said. 

Sami Puutio

Sami Puutio

Vice President