How we created a concept that appealed to both reason and emotions

Barona – Finland's sixth largest employer – is a service company that offers growth opportunities, career development and future solutions, both for employees and companies. Nitro and Barona entered a strategic partnership and created a powerful brand concept that highlights the company's ambitions. Barona takes its role as a major employer and significant societal operator seriously. People are respected and listened to and guided towards a better working life. The same applies to companies and international projects. Barona aims for balance between rational and emotional aspects and searches for the best solutions. These are also the starting point for the people of Barona in their daily work. The new concept had to tie emotion and reason tightly together and visualize the power emanating from the company core.

  • Concept and campaign design 

  • Multi-channel campaign design and implementation, e.g. social media, display, OOH & DOOH 

  • Film production and still images

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Barona has work and power

Work & power is a concept that takes you to moments when you are on the verge of change. What I am capable of, what do I want from my working life, what new things could I try. Uncertainty is often a feeling created by the environment, which can change the perception of one's competence. When you gain confidence and certainty about the future, your perception of your own resources and skills also changes for the better. Everything relies on a strong message and impressive dramatization.  

The story was spread across multiple channels for all of Finland to see. To evoke strong emotions, the channel choices focused on film, from cinemas to social media platforms and linear television. Digital channels and outdoor advertising reinforced the reach and impact of the main message.  

The hybrid work of Nitro and Nitro Film means constant movement. It combines storytelling, strategic thinking, brand understanding, technology and production, but also continuous development, curiosity and customer focus. We want to create multi-layered excellence with multi-level skills. The hybrid ship set sails at full speed with the Barona concept on board. 

Films with a powerful message

The new brand concept had a spectacular output, e.g. in the form of an emotional film that premiered on cinema screens, linear television and social media. The films tell the stories of four people – how they find their inner strength and a new direction for their working life with the help of Barona. 


Everything from strategical know-how to implementations 

Nitro hybrid agency combines an extremely strong business-oriented strategy and concept expertise with a top-quality productional capability, regardless of the channel.   

Versatile hybrid experts 

We are experts of strategical brand work, creative storytelling, digital design and multi-channel marketing communication, not forgetting our excellent technology and production abilities.   

A reliable and committed partner 

According to our clients, our commitment, our good price-quality ratio and our market-leading project management skills set us apart from the competition. Well said. 

Sami Puutio

Sami Puutio

Vice President