Digital design

For Nitro, technology is not an afterthought but a central part of the process. We help our clients digitise their business and build digital services that genuinely add value. Our digital design is based on comprehensive customer research, iterative development process and hybrid agency experts working together. Business criticality and integrating into the client’s operations guarantee results.

  • PWA
  • SEM
  • GTM
  • UTM
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Headless CMS
  • Customer experience
  • User research
  • Accessibility
  • Service Design
  • SEO
  • Integration
  • Analytics
  • Migration
  • Content hierarchy
  • Security
  • Website
  • E-commerce
  • Google tag manager
  • Privacy
  • Continuous development

01 Customer research and current state analysis

Understanding the client’s operations and the end customer’s pain points is of paramount importance. We find out what is worth keeping and what can go. We obtain as much information as possible about the client’s business and the market in order to base the decisions on facts instead of a gut feeling. Customer research can be anything from in-depth interviews to focus groups and user testing, depending on the project. 

02 Solution strategy and concepts

Digital service concept and solution strategy are compiled based on goal and quality definition. The concept work defines everything relevant for implementation, such as goals, technologies, constraints, target groups, use cases and brand application. The concept and solution strategy aim to answer the most important question: why does this digital service exist, and what added value does it provide for the end customer? 

03 UX and UI design and prototypes

Visual and functional prototypes help us ensure that the solutions work as desired on every device. At this stage, iteration and changes are cost-effective and serve as a fuel for creativity. Prototypes can be tested with the end customer before the product goes into production. It is also possible to test alternative solutions, so you don’t have to rely solely on your imagination when making decisions. UX and UI design ensure the accessibility and optimal user experience of the digital service. 

04 Technical implementation, iteration and testing

Nitro’s state-of-the-art technical implementation results in a digital service that is easy to use and difficult to break. We build relevant development environments and create first-class code: all killer – no filler. The technological architecture is implemented to serve the client and the end user in the best possible way. 

05 Continuous development and monitoring

After the release, continuous development begins. A digital service is never fully ready but is monitored, optimised and developed non-stop in accordance with evolving standards. Nitro’s continuous development process ensures that the online service does not have to be completely rebuilt every few years and you get a long-term return on your investment. We check site analytics and optimise the site’s discoverability and conversions on a regular basis. 

360 degrees of digital customer experience

Whether the project is big or small, Nitro’s work process remains the same: attention to the user’s needs client’s goals is our priority.