Volkswagen Huuhkajat collection

How did Volkswagen drive to the top spot of the most wanted car brands? There were a few challenges along the way. In the spring of 2021, car sales were unstable, Covid pandemic caused uncertainty and the component shortage prolonged delivery times. Interest in electric cars was on the rise, but the demand for more traditional diesel and petrol powered models also needed to be maintained. Together, Nitro and Volkswagen accelerated the demand for electric, hybrid and petrol cars, activated Finns to car dealerships and cleared the obstacles on Volkswagen's path to becoming Finland's most loved car brand.

  • Concept and campaign design 

  • Multichannel campaign implementation 

  • Monitoring and optimising conversion points 

  • Landing page design, production and optimisation 

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Volkswagen drives the Finnish football family 

Finland's most beloved sport moves children, teens and adults, but long trips to the training and matches also demand a lot from the support teams. We figured this was a natural link between football and Volkswagen. Especially for the Finnish football players, the national team Huuhkajat (The Eagle-owls) is a great role model. The all-time Finnish football frenzy culminated in the first European Championship tournament of Huuhkajat in the summer of 2021. 

We designed an emotional and multi-channel on-topic campaign that spoke to Finns. It ultimately became the most successful Volkswagen campaign in Finland of all time. 


VW #1

Brand preference

In the automotive barometer, Volkswagen became Finland's most preferred car brand in June–August 2021.


Car configurations

Consumers were driven to the online service to design their dream cars.


Commercial indicators

Orders for new Volkswagens increased by 38%. The number of offers increased by 28%.

Multi-channel way towards conversion

The multi-channel campaign combined traditional media, social media and tactical online advertising.   

In February 2022, the Volkswagen Huuhkajat campaign was included on the Effie Awards Finland 2021 shortlist in the Products and Services category. riassa. 


Everything from strategical know-how to implementations 

Nitro hybrid agency combines an extremely strong business-oriented strategy and concept expertise with a top-quality productional capability, regardless of the channel.   

Versatile hybrid experts 

We are experts of strategical brand work, creative storytelling, digital design and multi-channel marketing communication, not forgetting our excellent technology and production abilities.   

A reliable and committed partner 

According to our clients, our commitment, our good price-quality ratio and our market-leading project management skills set us apart from the competition. Well said. 

Sami Puutio

Sami Puutio

Vice President