Encounters brought to life with Helsinki Pride Community

The theme of the Pride week 2022 was "encounters", which emphasised the activities of the Helsinki Pride community. Its cornerstones are enabling people to meet and supporting community, which played an even more important role after the world was shut down for two years. We wanted to bring the theme to life with an adventure that everyone could take part in. The goal was to challenge people to face each other and show warmth, care and love – in a concrete way.

  •  Concept design 

  • Event preparation and implementation 

  • Marketing 


The solution: thermal camera

The visuals created by the Helsinki Pride community and TBWA worked as a basis for the adventure. They displayed the world through a thermal camera. To support this idea and communication, we created the cherry on top: a genuine thermal camera implementation, where anyone can show their own body temperature together with a person close to them. 

A thermal camera stand was set up in Forum shopping centre, where visitors could come and take a picture either alone or with their loved ones. Visitors could see themselves through a thermal camera and could illustrate how their body temperature changed in the presence of loved ones, or when hugging or kissing. The event proved that encounters have a concrete, warm effect on us. 




In the Forum shopping centre


Total visitors in the stand

The thermal camera stand was open for a total of 25 hours from 30 June to 2 July 2022


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Sami Puutio

Sami Puutio

Vice President