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Get to know Nitro’s values – they're what we stand here for.

Open positions

When you want to work with respected, appreciative and extremely talented people, apply to Nitro. See open positions below or submit an open application.

Recruitment process

  • Step 1: After you send an application, Anttoni will personally respond to you within a couple of business days. 

  • Step 2: If your skills meet Nitro's needs, we will first organise a short Teams get-together to get familiar with you.   

  • Step 3: Next, there will be a live interview with the person in charge, where we will explore your experience and skills in more detail. 

  • Step 4: Finally, you also get to chat with future colleagues, and we'll find out if you fit in with other Nitro people.   

  • Step 5: Welcome to the house! 

Want to work at Nitro?

Come as you are

It is important to us that you can be yourself at work. In Nitro, everyone can design and be creative. For us, creativity is not just a shiny surface, but creative processes and creative ways to solve problems. 

In Nitro, you can develop and grow in a good company without unnecessary fuss. We share bad jokes and grow herbs in Plantui. Some days are busy and some easier. All of the people are great and clients interesting. 

At the end of the day, though, Nitro is a workplace. We think it's quite a nice one. 

Anttoni Heikura

Anttoni Heikura

Head of People and Insight