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Matkahuolto's Parcel service has been moving Finns' parcels for decades. However, in the brand survey, the spontaneous recognition of Paketit service was only 12%, while it was 62% for Posti (Mail service in Finland). In addition, Matkahuolto was considered a boring and stiff service spot located next to Finnish bus stations. Matkahuolto was facing a challenge. The Paketit service was unknown to people and the image did not match the reality of the modern service, even though it had been digitized with the Paketit application and automated parcel services. It was high time to pack Paketit service in appealing way and send a message to Finns: with Paketit service, your parcels are delivered better.

  • Concept and campaign design 

  • Multi-channel campaign implementation, e.g. social media, display, OOH and DOOH 

  • Film and still image production 


Parcels delivered better

Research showed that, unlike its competitor Posti, Matkahuolto delivers packages better. With this study in mind, we created a multi-channel campaign. We took Matkahuolto's boring image and made it our asset. Ironic brevity, a style that appeals to Finns, became the core of creative storytelling: telling about one’s merits without bragging. It created a distinctive image and activated people to download the Paketit app. 

The first campaign launch of the concept served as the start of Matkahuolto's new marcom concept, showing the way for future work. 



App downloads

20% of the year’s total goal was achieved during the short campaign.


Awareness of the service

Among those interested in sending parcels. (Campaign follow-up, Dentsu)



Differentiation of advertising compared to the average 38%. (Campaign follow-up, Dentsu)

Multichannel way towards conversions

The multi-channel campaign combined traditional media, social media and tactical online advertising. 


Everything from strategical know-how to implementations 

Nitro hybrid agency combines an extremely strong business-oriented strategy and concept expertise with a top-quality productional capability, regardless of the channel.   

Versatile hybrid experts 

We are experts of strategical brand work, creative storytelling, digital design and multi-channel marketing communication, not forgetting our excellent technology and production abilities.   

A reliable and committed partner 

According to our clients, our commitment, our good price-quality ratio and our market-leading project management skills set us apart from the competition. Well said. 

Sami Puutio

Sami Puutio

Vice President