The iconic sauna brand’s web service conquers the world

Harvia is the world's leading sauna heater manufacturer with a wide range of solutions suitable for different sauna and spa cultures, from traditional sauna heaters to the equipment needed to build a spa. Harvia and Nitro cooperated to create a global online service that appeals to consumers, professionals and retailers in the company's main market areas.

  • Web service concept 

  • Global stakeholder workshops 

  • UX/UI design 

  • Global website’s technical implementation 

  • Website integrations with internal systems  

  • Language and country versions for the main market areas 

  • Image concept 

Digital design

Internationally effective digital design

Nitro designed the concept, technological structure and user experience of Harvia's website to better meet the needs of a globally operating company and to serve B2C and B2B customers internationally. In terms of user experience, the most important thing is finding the right information and the best sauna solution – as easily as possible and on all devices. 

The challenge was tackled in workshops attended by Harvia's marketing and IT experts from around the world. The website is used by the global corporation and several national companies, so four different websites and eight different language versions were needed. The previous challenges in navigating the website, finding the right information and staying up to date were solved with a completely new structure. The products were categorised into main categories, and the product information was placed in the centre of the pages, integrating them directly into Harvia's product database (PIM). Nitro designed a new content hierarchy, content models, and UX and UI design. 

Healing with Heat

As part of the online service concept, Nitro designed an image concept and carried out the image and video content production to support the renewal and Harvia's brand identity. The image concept was based on Harvia's mission “Healing with heat” – promoting well-being and health with the help of heat, whether the heat comes from a traditional sauna heater, an infrared device or a steam heater. We visualised what heat looks and feels like. Enjoyment exudes throughout the site and supports the idea that each user can find their own way of sauna. 


Everything from strategical know-how to implementations 

Nitro hybrid agency combines an extremely strong business-oriented strategy and concept expertise with a top-quality productional capability, regardless of the channel.   

Versatile hybrid experts 

We are experts of strategical brand work, creative storytelling, digital design and multi-channel marketing communication, not forgetting our excellent technology and production abilities.   

A reliable and committed partner 

According to our clients, our commitment, our good price-quality ratio and our market-leading project management skills set us apart from the competition. Well said. 

Sami Puutio

Sami Puutio

Vice President