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When the brand story embraces the universe, there is indeed room for flashy visuals. When filming is impossible, the ability to create pixels from scratch is weighed. Portraying a unicorn fetus is a challenge that Nitro Film was created to overcome. 3D Mare Ollinkari Sound design Tomi Nikulainen

Mika Suhonen
Marika Tulivuori
Animation / TD
Mare Ollinkari

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Award-winning productions since 2000

Nitro Film is a film production company that’s been in the business since 2000. Our award-winning team includes the best industry experts in Finland, and we work in close cooperation with top film directors and the prime subcontractors. 

We combine creative storytelling, high-quality technical expertise and top-notch productional know-how. Our own post-production unit and sound studio offer a wide range of services from special effects to composing and everything in between. From us, clients get the country’s best expertise in all matters related to film, from extensive, international-level brand films to short and agile video productions. 

The quality of our work and client satisfaction are the most important things for us. Our longest client relationship has lasted for more than 22 years – and is still going strong. What do you think about that? 

Marika Tulivuori

Marika Tulivuori

Executive Producer